Learn about the new book that the dive industry is talking about! Fitness for Divers is now available in both print and electronic versions.

"I... must commend your excellent scholarly research. I'll be recommending it to divers and patients..."
Marvin E. Gozum, MD
Director, Primary Care Diving Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University

"This book is a must read. It will set the standard for diving fitness."
Brian McMillan, Dive Instructor

"WOW! I am really impressed."
Heather Choat, Dive Instructor

"I consider it a milestone."
Longino Giorda, Diver

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A week's worth of exercise for beginning and advanced divers.


The latest fitness information every diver should know. Compiled from the most trusted journals and news sources.


Advice on fitness and nutrition written specifically for divers.



Links to other sites dedicated to fitness and safe diving.


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