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Breathing Heavy: How to reduce your gas consumption
Tired of always being the one to thumb the dive? Try these tips to become a better breather and make your tanks last.

Pool Exercises for Developing Water Comfort
Getting ready for SCUBA training? Already certified but want to feel more confident in the water? These skill-building exercises can be done in a pool with basic snorkeling equipment and a buddy.

Five Stretches for Shoulder Mobility: How to reach your valves (Book Excerpt)
An isolation manifold isn't much of safety feature if you can't reach your valves. Here is a stretching program that can get you the extra range of motion you need.

Preventing Foot and Calf Cramps (Book Excerpt)
So many divers experience cramping that release techniques are taught in open water and rescue classes. Following a stretching and strengthening program can reduce the chance that cramps will strike.

Knees to Neck: More stretches for diver flexibility (Book Excerpt)
With three leg and five back stretches, this article fills in the gap between the shoulder and calf stretches discussed in articles above.

Exercise Associated Muscle Cramping
Much of what you think you know about cramps might be fitness myth. Read what the research really says about dehydration, electrolytes, and temperature and exercise associated muscle cramping.

Dealing with Heavy Gear
A day of diving usually means a day of heavy lifting. Protect your back with these guidelines for managing your gear on the surface.

Age, Fitness, and Diving
Age is no excuse to back off fitness or diving. Learn how age affects the ways we adapt to exercise.



Carbohydrate’s Role in Weight Loss
Thought carbs were bad? Think again. This article discusses the ways our bodies use carbohydrates to fuel our fat burning.

Eating Your Way to a Better Performance
Planning to compete in an endurance event? What and when you eat the week before your event is just as important as all of your training when it comes to race day.


How to Get Started on a Fitness Program
Here is a set of guidelines for getting active again after some time off.

Healthy Living for Seniors

Fitness has no age limit. Learn about how important activity is for us as we age and how to get it.

Integrating a Healthy Lifestyle with a Successful Career
Fitness should be life expanding, not life limiting. Your health and your career can coexist in spite of a busy and demanding schedule.


Strength Training Exercise Matrix
“Routine” is the fast track to fitness plateaus. Though maintaining a consistent schedule of strength training is critical to fitness gains, varying the content of your workouts will force your body to continually improve. This exercise matrix lists 102 unique exercises with variations totaling over 250. The exercises are organized by body part and type of movement. See Strength Training in the Form Fitness bookstore for resources on how to perform these exercises.

The 45-Minute Total Workout
Here is an example workout that combines cardiovascular and strength training into an intense 45-minute session. Not intended for wimps.

Indoor Cycling Technique Builder Workout
This workout is for serious cyclists interested in improving pedaling efficiency and strength balance between right and left legs.

USMC 3-Mile PFT Track Workout
You don't have to be a Marine to want to improve your 5k time. Incorporate this track workout into your running schedule and you will definitely drop your times.


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