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Fitness for Divers
Any program of regular cardiovascular and strength training will make you a better diver, but there is more to know about fitness for diving than merely how to exercise. That's why diver and fitness professional Cameron Martz has combined the latest information about exercise and diving physiology in one book.

We all know that physical activity is important to good health on the surface, but research shows that our fitness also impacts our excursions underwater. Whether you consider yourself to be a recreational or a technical diver, or even if you are just thinking about getting certified, you will find important information in this book to make your diving better, safer, and more enjoyable. This extensive guide contains hundreds of pages of fitness information written exclusively for divers, including:

Stretches, exercises, and important info just for SCUBA divers!

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ISBN 0-9770719-1-X
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  • Detailed explanations of how exercise changes your body to make your diving safer
  • Important information on how what you do and eat on dive day impacts your risk of DCS
  • 67 exercises to condition your body
  • 18 stretches for functional flexibility
  • 40 studies on the relationship between fitness and dive safety
  • 6 months of complete programs of cardiovascular and strength training for the fitness beginner, intermediate, and advanced
  • Techniques to help you pass your certification swim test, reach your valves, prevent calf cramps, improve your SAC, and more...
  • Available in both downloadable and softcover formats!

    Note: The electronic edition is an Adobe PDF which requires Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher. This is available for free from adobe.com.

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Chapter 2: Principles of Physical Conditioning
Chapter 14: Preventing Foot and Calf Cramps







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