American Council on Exercise
The American Council on Exercise is dedicated to promoting the benefits of physical activity and protecting consumers against unsafe and ineffective fitness products, programs and trends. ACE accomplishes this through ongoing public education regarding scientifically sound health and fitness practices.
IDEA Health & Fitness Association
Formerly the International Dance Educators Association, IDEA has become the leading resource for personal trainers across certification agencies. IDEA provides continuing education and career assistance for fitness professionals and the latest news and research for fitness enthusiasts.
National Strength and Conditioning Association
As a nonprofit tax-exempt educational organization, the goal at the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is to unify members and facilitate a professional exchange of ideas in strength development as it relates to the improvement of athletic performance and fitness. Since its inception in 1978, the NSCA has been working hard with well-known industry experts to enhance, enlighten, and advance the field of strength and conditioning.
Global Underwater Explorers
While many dive training agencies have swimming tests, GUE is currently the only agency with objective fitness requirements for students at all levels of training. GUE’s mission combines an emphasis on education, research, and exploration, and their instructors practice what they preach. GUE is also at the cutting edge of electronic dive education by offering downloadable training manuals in PDF format.
    United States Masters Swimming
Swimming is a great way to develop cardiovascular fitness and an important skill to have as a diver. US Masters Swimming is a national organization of adult teams and coaches for swimmers of all abilities. Visit their website to find a team in your area (US only) that will keep you motivated while improving your technique.
    Underwater Hockey Central
Can you believe that there is a contact sport played entirely underwater while holding your breath? Underwater hockey will undoubtedly get you in shape and increase your confidence in the water. This site maintains info and links for teams throughout Canada and the United States.
    Swim Stroke Videos from Los Angeles Trade-Tech
Ever want to learn the sidestroke? How about the Trudgen or Inverted Breaststroke? Download free RealMedia video files of the most popular (and some not-so-popular) swim strokes.

Quackwatch- Your Guide to Health Fraud
This website battles scams with science, from diet and exercise, to psychics, to personal finance gurus. If you've ever wondered about the validity of a miracle diet or get-rich-quick infomercial, look it up here.

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