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Exercise during a 3-min decompression stop reduces postdive venous gas bubbles. (NLM)

Core Stability is More Than a Six-Pack (Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel)

Fat-Burning Tune Up (The Ledger)

Obesity Tied to Fatal Blood Clots (Yahoo! News)

Aerobic exercise 2 hours before a dive to 30 msw decreases bubble formation after decompression. (NLM)

Exercise ending 30 min pre-dive has no effect on bubble formation in the rat. (NLM)

Fitness Helps Even "High Cholesterol" Hearts (WebMD)

New York City Wants Trans Fats off the Menu (MSNBC)

Diet Destroyers (WRAL)

No New Diet Fills Low-Carb Void (CNN)

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Fructose Sweetener Spurs Obesity (Yahoo! News)

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"Just Do It" Attitude Works with Exercise (WebMD)

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Metabolic Syndrome Brings Big Costs (Yahoo! News)

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Late Bedtime + Early Alarm = Diabetes (WebMD)

Bathroom Scales Don't Tell the Whole Story (WebMD)

Five Ways to Tell if Your Diet is Safe (WRAL)

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High-Dose Ephedra Pills Still Illegal, FDA Says (Yahoo! News)

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Tackling Holiday Weight Woes (CNN)

Study: Fit but fat not good enough (CNN)

Nearly 30 Percent of U.S. Workers Are Obese (Yahoo! News)

Exercising More Cuts Need for Doctor Visits (WebMD)

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Size Does Matter: How not to eat like Santa (ABC News)

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Race Times Get Better, Faster, for Runners Over 50 (LA Times)

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Studies: Walking Might Keep Mind Sharp (CNN)

Inactivity May Trump Fat as Heart Disease Risk (MSNBC)

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Behind the Buzz (LA Times)

Massage Doesn't Speed Muscle Recovery (WebMD)

Hiking with Dog Gets Both in Shape (CNN)

Nutrition Guidelines: More fruit, vegetables, workouts (CNN)

Focus on Fitness, Not Fatness (WebMD)

Exercise a Little, and Live Longer (LA Times)

Vending Machines Getting Healthier (CNN)

Six Patterns for Weight Loss Management (WebMD)

Health Considered in Companies' Building Designs (CNN)

Exercise Keeps Travelers Sharp (LA Times)

French Remove Junk Food Vending Machines (Washington Post)

Making It Easier to Work Out at Home (LA Times)

Healthy Lifestyle Can Lower Cancer Risk (WebMD)

Study: Accelerade Sport Drink Ups Endurance (WebMD)

Pedometers Nudge People to Walk More (LA Times)

Expert: Don't Sweat Occasional Food Splurges (WRAL)

Atkins-Style Diet Could Damage Chances of Having a Baby (Yahoo! News)

Experts Slam Low-Carb Trend As Rip-Off (CNN)

High-Fiber Cereal May Ward Off Diabetes (WebMD)

What's Behind the Curb-Your-Carbs Craze? (CNN)

Antioxidant Riches Found in Unexpected Foods (WebMD)

Fruit Each Day Keeps the Eye Doctor Away (LA Times)

Yo-Yo Weight Loss Harms Immune System (CNN)

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Buff- and 84 (LA Times)

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...Pump Iron to Ward off Aging (The Columbian)

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As Ephedra Ban Takes Effect, Enforcement becomes the Issue (LA Times)

U.S. Surgeon General Seeks Healthier Food Ads (Yahoo! News)

Heavy Social Drinking Damages Brain (WebMD)

Food Pyramid Slated for Makeover (CNN)

Exercise is Key to Reversing Obesity-Related Heart Risk in Children (American Heart Association)

CDC Research Finds No Evidence Stretching Prevents Injuries (CNN)

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Oversight of Supplement Makers Advised (Washington Post)

A Change of Diet (LA Times)

Walking 15 Minutes a Day Won't Prevent Obesity (Yahoo! News)

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Impatience Makes Americans Fat (WebMD)

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Most Want to Be Healthy: Fewer Take Action (WebMD)

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Round and Round We Go (LA Times) - A must-read history of dieting!!

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UN Launches Fight Against Obesity, Poor Diets (Yahoo! News)

5 Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain (WebMD)

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Moderate Exercise = Big Heart Benefits (WebMD)

Weight Loss Key for Treating High Blood Pressure (Yahoo! News)

Dieters Charge Atkins Approach Damaged Hearts (Yahoo! News)

Vitamins No Magic Bullet for Endurance Runners (iVillage News)

Tips for New Exercisers (ABC News)

Emotional Eating: Feeding Your Feelings (WebMD)

A Heart-Strengthening Pace (American Heart Association)

The Low Down on Low-Carb Products (WebMD)

New York Bans Supplement Ephedra (CNN)

Exercise May Be Better Than Diet for Heart (WebMD)

Obesity Top Health Threat (CNN)

Bill Would Keep Sports Injury Insurance Coverage (

Eating for Everyday Wellness (WebMD)

Off-Beat Ways to Lose Weight (WebMD)

It's Never Too Late to Start Getting Fit (Queens Chronicle)

Don't Blame Your Metabolism (CBS News)

Lack of Vigorous Physical Activity May Put Women at Risk (WebMD)

High-Protein Diet Hinders Athletes (LA Times)

New Lease on Life for Senior Swimmer (MSNBC)

Age, Exercise May Boost Memory (CNN)

Forget the Stretch (LA Times)

Lack of Exercise Hurts Women More (WebMD)

Epidemic of Diabetes Worsening with Obesity (Yahoo! News)

US Diabetes Rate Continues to Rise (MSNBC)

Caffeine May Protect Muscles from Exercise Pain (WRAL)

Child Exercise Prevents Adult Arthritis (WebMD)

Exercise Fights Diabetes at Every Weight (WebMD)

Diet Guidelines Aimed at Healthy People (Las Vegas SUN)

Weight Control Doesn't Have to Be a Battle (

How to "De-Supersize" Your Meals (MSNBC)

Herbal Weight Loss Aids Tied to Liver Injury (Reuters)

Study: Even Mid-Life Diet Change Can Extend Life (CNN)

Women's Fitness Tied to Risk of Early Death (TwinCities.Com)

Working Off the Weight (Tampa Bay Online)

A Moderate Workout Can Still Melt Off the Pounds (LA Times)

Use Caution in Health Food Stores (MSNBC)

Working Out Even Harder to Fight Disease (LA Times)

Intense Exercise Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis (WebMD)

Food Pyramid Takes Aim at Couch Potatoes (HealthWorld Online)

1 in 7 Americans Has Diabetes or Risks the Disease (HealthDay News)

The Healing Power of Exercise (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Exercise Before Surgery Aids Recovery, Study Finds (Reuters)

Gaining Weight on the Job? (WebMD)

Are you weighed down by arthritis? Maybe it's time to pump a little iron (ZWire)

Does a multivitamin make sense? (MSNBC)

Medical Group Urges Hospitals to Ban Atkins Diet (WRAL)

Study: 1hour of exercise a week cuts hypertension (CNN)

Suburban sprawl weighs on waistlines (CNN)

Walking, Biking More Dangerous in U.S. (WebMD)

CDC: Most still don't get enough exercise (CNN)

French Secrets to Staying Thin (WebMD)

Exercise Prolongs Men's Sex Lives (WebMD)

Amercians Gaining Weight, Not Losing (WebMD)

Americans Not Exercising Enough (MSNBC)

Ephedra's Dangers Downplayed on Internet (Yahoo! News)

Modest Exercise Reduces Blood Pressure (iVillage Fitness News)

Eating Fish May Lower Heart Rate... (American Heart Association)

High-Profile Diets Still a Mystery, Experts Warn (Yahoo! News)

Workout Devices Get Rated (WebMD)

Antibiotics May Lead to Torn Achilles Tendon (Yahoo! News)

Detox diets: Health regimen or latest fad? (

Inflammation May Affect Osteoarthritis (WebMD)

Skipping Breakfast a Weighty Problem (HealthWorld Online)

Five Fruit Servings the Easy Way (HealthDayNews)

Scientists Push to Lower Hidden Sodium in Food (CNN)

The Higher Health-Care Costs of Heavier Employees (WebMD)

Los Angeles Study Underscores Benefit of Physical Activity During Off Hours (HealthWorld Online)

Tougher Ephedra Regulations Urged (MSNBC)

Move Is on to Ensure Trainers Are Fit to Teach (LA Times)

Fitness Level, Not Weight, Is More Important to Health (HealthWorld Online)

A Little Weight Loss Goes a Long Way (MSNBC)

Science Behind Dieting Can Aid in Weight Loss (Wall Street Journal)

Walking Your Way to Better Health (CNN)

Macho Factor and Skin Cancer (LA Times)

High-Intensity Exercise May Relieve Stress Best (WRAL)

A Buddy System at the Gym (LA Times)

Pottying in Public Pools Poses Problems (WRAL)

Unsafe Levels of E. Coli Found on Beaches (Yahoo! News)

Over-the-Counter Drugs May Cause Strokes (WebMD)

Bicycling Shouldn't Affect Prostate Cancer Test (iVillage)

Awareness Cuts Repetitive Strain Injury (WebMD)

Stretching Can Enhance Your Quality of Life (HealthWorld Online)

Summer Sun Safety Begins with Sunscreen (WRAL)

FTC Takes Aim at 3 Ephedra Marketers (CNN)

Smoking May Limit Thinking Ability (WebMD)

Swimming In Bacteria (LA Times)

Lack of Sleep for Women Now an 'Epidemic' (HealthWorld Online)

Americans Aren't Making the Health Grade (Yahoo! News)

Smoking Hinders Brain Power; Quitting Helps It (LA Times)

Do Low Fat Foods Really Help? (MSNBC)

AHA's New Physical Activity Statement Puts Health-Care Professionals on The Move
(American Heart Association)

Vitamin Supplements: Popping Too Many? (WebMD)

Combining Strength and Endurance Training Leads to Greater Gains in VO2max: Study
(Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research)

Exercise Helps Heart, Work Strain Hurts It: Study (

Laziness Increases Dangerous Organ Fat (HealthWorld Online)

Employers Blame Obesity for Driving up Costs (Forbes)

Misleading Weight Loss Ads Flourish (MSNBC)

Conscientious Vegetarians Will Get Enough Nutrients (WRAL)

Fatty Diet Raises Diabetes Risk (WebMD)


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