DISCLAIMER is about increasing diver health and safety above all. These workouts are guidelines, not prescriptions, and are not intended to replace the instruction of a qualified fitness professional. Complete and follow the recommendations of the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), and check with your doctor before participating in this or any fitness program.


  1. Joint pain is never OK. Always be mindful of your joints, and stop immediately if you feel any pain.
  2. Back pain is never OK. Always be mindful of your back, and stop immediately if you feel any pain.
  3. If an exercise feels odd or you are uncertain of a technique, stop immediately and seek the assistance of a qualified fitness professional.


The stretching indicated by these schedules are found in the following articles:
Preventing Foot and Calf Cramps (Book Excerpt)
Knees to Neck: More stretches for diver flexibility (Book Excerpt)
Five Stretches for Shoulder Mobility: How to reach your valves
(Book Excerpt)

Strength training exercises are listed by their commonly associated names and demonstrated in the book Fitness for Divers. Other books are available from as well as most national retailers with illustrations and information on technique. These three are particularly helpful:

The Complete Book of Abs (Villard Books, 1993)

The Complete Book of Butt and Legs (Villard Books, 1995)

The Complete Book of Shoulders and Arms (HarperPerennial, 1997)




Tired of being a couch potato? This schedule will get you on your way to improved strength, endurance, and energy.

This schedule is designed for divers who already participate in a regular exercise program.

If you devote more than five hours each week to exercise, this program is for you.


If you can't read the above PDF files, get the reader here:


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